Five years of walking in and around London

Last week marked the fifth anniversary of my moving back to London, and according to Strava, in those 5 years I have completed just under 1,000 walks with the majority of them being in and around the London area – hence the name of this blog RichardWalksLondon.

Using a combination of a website that enables people to consolidate multiple Strava activities into one map, and some video editing, I have compacted the last five years into a 1 minute video showing the cumulative reach of my walks.

This includes two complete laps around the M25 motorway (March 2016 and May 2017 – which I still think is my best walking achievement to date at 158 miles/254km in 44 hours without sitting down from the time I started until I finished), the Thames Path 100 mile race from Richmond to Oxford in May 2015 where my watch battery died part way through leaving a big gap (in my map) between Maidenhead and Henley, my July 2017 walk following the District tube line and also my walk through all the streets of the Monopoly board, and many other training walks and races.

I suspect that I have covered more of the Greater London area on foot than 99.999% of the population, but I’m not finished yet.  In another five years I’ll record another video showing my progress, but in the meantime, please watch this short video:

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