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I’m a long distance race walker from New Zealand, living in London, and in this blog I write about my adventures as I walk the streets of London.  This map shows where I walked since moving back to London in 2014.  My long-long-term (multi-year) plan is to cover as much of Greater London on foot as I can.

Most of my training walks are relatively short and local to home (Kingston Upon Thames) but some walks range up to 50 miles and my focus when it comes to racing is events of 100 miles or more.

I started race-walking in 2012 due to a running injury and haven’t looked back.  I did my first 100 mile/24 hour race in Auckland, NZ in October 2013 qualifying as NZ Centurion number 19, and then qualified as UK Centurion number 1131 in August of 2014, and Continental Centurion C432 in Holland in 2016.

I’ve broken a number of NZ race-walking records and age group records, one Commonwealth record (711.299km in six days), one World age group record (671.029km M55 six-day record) and I even have NZ age group running records set as a walker in running events.

These days I mainly use this blog to record my race reports and the occasional report I write about my ‘adventure’ walks..

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  1. Hi Richard,
    Diana and I were the tail runners/walkers at today’s (Maidstone) parkrun. It was fascinating to hear of your amazing efforts. Hope the injury heals soon. It was a pleasure to meet you.
    Good luck

  2. Hi Richard,
    We met in Richmond Park this morning at Kingston Gate. Read your report about the Thames 100 and, knowing a fellow park-runner who did it last year, I’ve a lot of admiration for anyone who even attempts such an event. Will keep my eyes open for you in the future….

    Best of luck in the Grand Union Canal event.

  3. Hi Richard
    Thanks for mentioning me in dispatches and a photo too! You helped keep me going in the early part of the TP100 and I actually got halfway, missing the cutoff at Henley (51 miles) by 10-15 minutes (hence no time shown on results). I guessed I would be timed out after I left Hurley but I’ve promised myself not to give up until I get pulled out. Got lost a couple of times with the sweeper!

    I felt fine at Henley, so I might have been able to make up a bit of time, but hey it’s over now. Trying NDW50 this weekend. I’ve completed it before but the cutoff time is 30 mins less now, 13 hours. Still, it’s good training.

    Best of luck with GUCR. I’m sure you will make it. Just pace yourself and don’t give up when you are feeling low.


  4. Hello Richard, I have followed your walks with interest, especially your walk around the M25.
    I am planning on doing the same walk next year (albeit at a more leisurely pace).
    Is there any possibility you would have a record of your exact route as I would very much like to follow it. I have used map my run but would not know if this is the same route you took. Any help would be very much appreciated as I’m doing it for a very worthwhile charity. Many thanks.

  5. Hi, I would very much like to follow your route this summer. I’m planning to do the walk over the course of a week. Is it possible to be able to download your route from Strava onto my smartwatch? If so, I’m going to join Strava. Anyway, any help would be gratefully appreciated and well done on a remarkable walk!

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