M25 circumnavigation for Sport Relief – supported by Fitbit

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Track my M25 walk live
Click this map to track my live progress on Friday 11th to Sunday 13th March

I’m raising money for Sport Relief and every pound helps.  Please visit my Sport Relief donation page to donate.  Just £1 is all you need to donate.  It will make a difference!

And if you make a donation you can also enter my competition to guess how many steps my walk will take, and the closest guess wins a brand new Fitbit Surge!  See details below.

About the Walk:

Starting on the afternoon of Friday 11th March I will be walking approximately 165 miles non-stop to circumnavigate the parameter of the M25 motorway in an effort to raise £5,000 for Sport Relief* and become the first person to complete a lap of the M25 non-stop on foot.

Fitbit Surge


And thanks to Fitbit UK, I am able to offer you the opportunity to win a Fitbit Surge (valued at £199) by guessing how many steps my walk will take me.



My M25 circumnavigation planned route
Planned route (click to view larger image)

My plan is to start the walk on the western side of the Dartford Bridge and to follow the A and B roads on a clockwise route that will take me through Reigate and Leatherhead and then up past Windsor, around the top of the M25 past St Albans and Potters Bar, and then back down past Brentwood to finish back at the eastern side of the Dartford Bridge (there is no pedestrian access to the bridge itself) on the Sunday morning or afternoon.  I’m intending to complete the whole walk without stopping for anything other the occasional toilet break – and to walk the Black Park parkrun in Windsor at 9am on Saturday morning (adding an additional 5 kilometres to my journey).

Make a donation, guess how many steps I will take, and WIN!

My goal is to raise £5,000 for Sport Relief, so please donate to this worthwhile cause (link to my donation page is below), and complete the details below to win a Fitbit Surge:


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    The Small Print:

    • Only one entry per donation
    • Entries will close at the moment I finish the walk.  Donations after this time are welcome though.
    • Step count starts from when my walk starts and finishes when my walk finishes.  Any steps recorded on my Fitbit before or after these times will not be counted.
    • The person who has the closet guess to the total number of steps will win the competition.
    • In the event of two or more people having the same closest guess, they will be put in to a separate drawer and the person who has the closest guess to my actual time will be declared the winner.
    • Whilst the M25 is officially only 117 miles in length, the total distance I expect to walk following the A and B roads is estimated at 165 miles (give or take 5 to 10 miles) but actual distance may differ depending on the actual route taken, any diversions due to road closures, etc, and includes and additional 5km for the Black Park parkrun on the Saturday.



    Thanks for your support,

    If you want to follow my progress in the lead up to my M25 walk, or read updates about my progress during the walk, ‘like’ me on facebook or follow me on twitter.






    Fitbit recently published this article about my planned walk on their blog: http://fitbiteurope.tumblr.com/post/138421390990/richards-fitbit-powered-motorway-walk-for-sport

    And the Richmond and Twickenham Times published this article:

    Richmond & Twickenham Times 19/2/16
    Richmond & Twickenham Times 19/2/16

    A similar article was also in the Surrey Comet:

    Surrey Comet article 19-2-16
    Surrey Comet article

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