Bushy Park 50 mile overnight training walks

Bushy Park is ideal for long overnight training walks as it provides a 2 mile out and back course on a road that is reasonably well lit and closed to traffic during the hours of darkness (after 7pm in Winter and after dusk in summer).

The 2 mile flat course that I walk runs from Teddington Gate down Chestnut Avenue through the centre of the park, past the Diana Fountain to the Hampton Court Road Gate and back again.

Bushy Park 50 mile overnight training walks map

The start is just inside the Teddington Gate beside this sign which is about 50 meters from the gate. This is also the turning point at the end of each lap. Bushy Park 50 mile start sign
Bushy Park 50 mile turn sign And the turn at the Hampton Court Road end is next to the 20 mile per hour speed limit sign painted on the ground, which is immediately inside the gate.

My next overnight walk in is planned for Saturday January 24th starting shortly after the gates close at 7pm.  I will be walking 50 miles and expect it to take around 10 ½ hours (my last night-time 50 miler on this course took 10:32).

If you would like to join me for some or all of the night, please send me a message via the contact form below.

It doesn’t matter what pace you train at, or whether you are a runner or a walker, as the nature of the course means that we can all train at our own pace and see each other as we pass in opposite directions.

In December I was joined by another walker and a runner and at this stage I am expecting to be joined by a few walkers on the 24th January.

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    I would like to join you for some/all of your next 50 mile overnight training walk in Bushy Park. Please email me further details.

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    Please note: This is not an officially organised event. It is simply a group of friends training together in Bushy Park.