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These are some of the newspaper and internet articles, and podcasts that have been published about me:


Mile After Mile PodcastInterview with Amy from The Mile After Mile podcast:

In the interview I talked about some of my ultra-distance race-walking races and adventures including the Lon Las CYMRU ultra and my circumnavigation of the M25 motorway in 2017.

55: Richard McChesney Ultra Long Distance Race walking


My M25 motoway circumnavigation:

The Surrey Comet published this article on the Friday that I started the walk:

Surrey Comet article about M25 circumnavigation

The article has a couple incorrect facts including that the walk was going to be on Saturday/Sunday, not Friday/Saturday.

And Go Surrey published this article after my walk:

Get Surrey article about M25 walk

There are also a couple inaccuracies in this article including the last paragraph which states that I want to do another fundraising walk (true) but don’t know who I want to raise money for (false).  I really enjoyed working with Limbless Association on this project, and have already met with them to start discussions about possible future projects – so stay tuned 🙂

The Get Surrey article was repeated by several other news websites including this one in New Zealand:


SWLondoner article about my 6 day race:

Richmond racewalker covers 380 miles in epic six-day challenge with just 14 hours sleep


Podcast interview about my 6 day race:

In the lead-up to the 6 jours de France, during the race, and afterwards, Chris Desmond from the Uncomfortable Is OK Podcast interviewed me and then compiled this podcast.


Podcast interview about M25 circumnavigation and upcoming 6 day race:

In August I appeared in my first ever podcast interview.  Chris Desmond from the Uncomfortable Is OK Podcast interviewed me about the M25 Circumnavigation walk that I did back in March, and we also discussed my upcoming 6 day race.


NZ 100 mile record and 24 hour best distance:

After breaking the New Zealand 100 mile record I was interviewed by Dave Crampton, a Wellington (NZ) journalist.

He wrote this article for the Kapiti Observer (the local newspaper in the town where I grew up):

Kapiti Observer about NZ 100 mile record
Kapiti Observer about NZ 100 mile record

He also wrote this article for Athletics Wellington (in NZ)

athletics wellington article about 100 mile record


My M25 Walk:

This article was in the Surrey Comet after I completed my walk around the M25

Surrey Comet M25 circumnavigation article


This article was published on Fitbit’s blog after I completed the walk:

fitbit blog article after M25 walk

The Richmond and Twickenham Times published this article:

Richmond & Twickenham Times 19/2/16


A similar article was also in the Surrey Comet:

Surrey Comet article 19-2-16


Fitbit published this article on their blog:

fitbit blog article before M25 walk


 NZ 48 hour race-walking record:

The Kapiti Observer published this article after I broke the NZ 48 hour record during the Privas 72 hour race

Article in a local newspaper in NZ after the race