On this page I have listed some of the equipment and products that I have used during my race-walking.

If you are looking to purchase any of these I would really appreciate it if you clicked on the images below as, in some cases, I earn a small commission from the likes of Amazon when anyone clicks on my link.

Injinji Toe Socks  Fitbit
Ranging in cost from £40.00 upwards on Amazon.
I love my Fitbit!
Preventing blisters when walking and running 2Toms Anti-Blister Powder
Cost on Amazon – about £13.00
See my product review here
Injinji Toe Socks  Injinji Toe Socks
Cost on Amazon ranges from £6.00 to £20.00
depending on size, style, etc.
I discussed the use of these in my 2015 Roubaix
28 hour race report
Kinesiology Tape When I walked around the M25 I started with a knee injury.  I used Kinesiology Tape to reduce the discomfort – and it worked!
You can buy the tape on Amazon.
And this video shows how to apply the tape.
 I used to be a runner, and in 2013 I published
‘You Know You Are A Runner’ which is for sale
on Amazon.
Makes a great gift for yourself or a friend.